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The 'Full Contact Hardware' system now offers "full contact" between the vibrating string and the body of the instrument. Babicz designed FCH with the intent of gaining the maximum amount of direct string coupling to the body of the instrument, with over 50 times more contact surface per saddle compared to conventional saddle designs.

With FCH, string height or "action" can now be set with more precision. The "eCam” saddle allows for instant "action" adjustments without ever adding space or air gaps between the saddle and the body of the guitar, and conventional string height action adjustment set screws are eliminated. With the Babicz FCH design, the bridge saddle can never "sink" or "shift" while playing. Each FCH eCAM saddle also includes a specially designed “String Height Lock” feature, which keeps your string height setting in place…even during extreme saddle vibrations over time. Precise intonation adjustments are also easily attained and in most cases include a “Saddle Housing Lock” feature.

Constructed out of Aluminum & weighing a light 3.7 oz the Babicz FCH bridges are available for 4 & 5 String Basses in 0.750"(19mm) spacing in finishes including Chrome, Black, & Gold.


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  1. Babicz Full Contact Hardware - FCH-5 bridge

    $179.99 - $189.99
    5 String Aluminum Bass Bridge available in Chrome, Black, or Gold
    The Babicz "Full Contact Hardware" replacement system for five-string bass guitars offers unmatched stability, increased sustain, dramatically improved fullness and tone along with complete adjustability. Includes instructions, complete FCH...
  2. Babicz Full Contact Hardware - FCH-4 bridge

    $129.99 - $149.99
    4 String Aluminum Bass Bridge available in Chrome, Black, or Gold
    A direct replacement upgrade for Fender Precision or Jazz style bass bridges. Installs in minutes and offers a "saddle housing lock" feature for added saddle stability. Includes all necessary screws, instructions and adjustment wrench. The...
  3. Babicz FCH Solo Rail

    $49.99 - $64.99
    Single String Bridge in Chrome, Black, and Gold
    This individual bass saddle allows you to add as many as you need. Group more than one together to make a narrow spaced 5-String. Group together to make a 6, 7, or 8 (or more) string bridge assembly. Great for multi-scale, fan fret basses. Narrow .600"...
  4. Babicz FCH 4-String Bass Bridge String Thru

    $159.99 - $169.99
    4 String Aluminum Bass Bridge in Chrome,Black, or Gold
    Fits most Fender American Made P and J Basses. Allows string through the body, with modern Fender three hole screw mounting pattern. 19mm (0.750") String Spacing. Includes all necessary screws, four string ferrules, instructions, and adjustment...
  5. Babicz FCH 3-Point Bridge

    $149.99 - $189.99
    Babicz 4 String 3-Point Bridge in Chrome, Black, or Gold
    The patented Babicz FCH 3-Point four string bass bridge is a direct drop-in replacement upgrade for a standard Gibson 3-Point bass bridge. The Babicz double locking eCAM saddle offers full contact to the instruments body...improving tonality...
  6. Babicz 4-String Z Series Bass Bridge

    $99.99 - $129.99
    4 String Babicz Z Series Bass Bridge
    Instead of aluminum, the Z Series bridges are comprised of zinc allowing for everything functionally but without the price tag. This new Z Series bass bridge will supplement the popular Original Series bass bridges, providing more players the chance...
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