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Will these GHS Strings work with your Bass? Ask Frankie, our Bass Tech.

GHS Strings

Innovation has been a key for us since 1964 when our company founders brought a wealth of string making experience to a small family-owned business. Now, 35 years later, as a top brand in the global market GHS Strings is staffed with dedicated personnel trained and experienced in string technology.

Our continuous innovation can be seen in such areas as our ‘Brightness Bar’ (found on select string packages and designed to show what strings will produce which tones), our close collaboration with key artists (who often actually provide direct input during the string design process for Signature strings), and our ongoing efforts to create new and exciting product.

By combining our years of experience and our reputation for quality, GHS will continue to provide the best strings for players worldwide for years to come. When looking for performance from your strings, look to GHS Strings, The Strings Experts!

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  1. GHS Big Core Bass Strings

    $21.33 - $30.71
    Big Core Bass String Sets
    BIG CORE BASS GHS Big Core Bass strings provide maximum playability and durability while featuring nickel iron alloy cover and core to cover ratios that have been optimized for bright tone. Our taper design on the 4th string maintains balance...
  2. GHS Bass Boomers

    $12.49 - $26.39
    The GHS Bass Boomers® are the classic Power String and they have been for years. Today they are one of the most popular bass strings in the world and are used by bass greats including the legendary Flea. Like the guitar version, Bass...
  3. GHS Round Core Bass Boomers

    Developed by bass experts in the office and tested by bass professionals in the field, Roundcore Bass Boomers are an exciting addition to the string family at GHS. Wrapping nickel-plated steel over a round core gives these strings a soft, well-defined...
  4. GHS Pressurewound Strings

    GHS Pressurewound String Sets
    Alloy 52® is run through our computer controlled precision rollers in the winding process to create a semi-flat string with great articulation, a mellow tone with less finger noise. Ideal for fretless players that want to be easy on their...
  5. GHS Stainless Steel Precision Flats

    $24.65 - $30.30
    GHS Stainless Steal Precision Flatwound Strings
    GHS Precision Flats® Bass Strings deliver traditional deep percussive tone due to a unique cross-winding process. They are made with a highly magnetic stainless steel flat wrap for greater volume, longer durability and a smooth satin finish. 4-String...
  6. GHS Bass Brite Flats

    $22.90 - $27.79
    GHS Bass Brite Flatwound Strings
    Ground Roundwound Alloy 52® is very kind to your frets and easy on the fingers. The wrap wire is built up with multiple layers and then micro-ground to exact gauge and smoothness. The perfect sound for all your bass brilliance. 4-String...
  7. GHS Fast Fret Can

    Not a spray! Contains no silicone. It's a liquid in an applicator. Use it on strings, back of the neck and the fretboard. Let's your fingers slide freely, keeps your strings clean and is good for the fretboard.
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