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Rotosound has been creating, designing, and manufacturing strings for instruments for over fifty years. They have helped shape the sound of such musical icons including Jimi Hendrix, John Entwistle, and Geddy Lee and the brand has become synonymous with the British Tone.

Rotosound was founded in 1958 by James How as a small, family owned and operated company stationed in the UK. Little has changed in the basics of Rotosound strings and the founders son Jason How, continues to produce strings under the same core values of the past. Rotosound does stay true to the originals, and only improves their designs by using contemporary technology and packing materials.

Rotosound strings are not only used by some of the greatest bassists, but also up and coming musicians including you! For the past fifty years Rotosound has changed the sound of music and their strings have been used in recording some of the most amazing albums from artists including Duff McKagan (Guns n' Roses & Velvet Revolver), Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big), Noel Redding (Jimi Hendrix), Steve Harris (Iron Maiden), Roger Waters (Pink Floyd), John Entwistle (The Who), Jaco Pastorious (Weather Report and Solo), and many others.

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  1. Rotosound Nexus Bass

    $42.54 - $48.50
    Rotosound 4 String Nexus Bass Black Polymer Coated Bass Strings
    Nexus Bass (Black Polymer Coated) Take the worlds most famous maker of electric bass strings, look for a high energy rich in mid-tones alternative to steels with high presence, add a silky smooth black polycoat dressing over...
  2. Rotosound Bronze Bass 44

    $30.24 - $37.75
    Rotosound 4, and 5 String Bronze Bass 44 Phosphor Roundwound Bass Strings
    An old stalwart from Rotosound's history that still has a loyal following among the acoustic bass fraternity. The tonal response from our specially formulated bronze really brightens up an otherwise muddy sound from certain hollow bodied basses. Available...
  3. Rotosound Solo Bass 55

    $31.84 - $36.30
    Rotosound 4, and 5 String Solo Bass 55 Stainless Steel Pressure wound Roundwound Bass Strings
    Another first designed in 1977 by James How is the stainless steel bass string with his patented linea pressure-wound finish. Once the string is wound a rolling technique is applied under pressure which displaces the crown of each winding producing...
  4. Rotosound PSD Bass 99

    $33.18 - $41.08
    Rotosound 4, and 5 Sting PSD Piano Bass 99 Stainless Steel Roundwound Bass Strings
    Originally developed under the Rotosound name as "
  5. Rotosound Swing Bass 66

    $19.43 - $41.08
    Rotosound 4, 5, 6 and 8 Sting Swing Bass 66 Nickel or Stainless Steel Roundwound Bass Strings
    Swing Bass 66 (Stainless Steel or Nickel Roundwound) The most popular Roundwound bass string ever. Rotosound was the first string company to produce this kind of string. Introduced in 1962 it changed the sound of the instrument instantly. The...
  6. Rotosound Jazz Bass 77

    $33.17 - $51.48
    Rotosound 4, 5, and 6-String Jazz Bass 77 Monel Flatwound Bass Strings
    The "
  7. Rotosound Tru Bass 88

    $33.64 - $53.16
    Rotosound 4, 5, and 6 String TruBass 88 Black Nylon Flatwound Bass Strings
    A string that was specifically designed by James How for Jim Burns's famous Black Bison in 1962.This string emulates the upright bass sound and the nearest you will ever get to a double bass that can be played as an electric bass. The magnetic...
  8. Rotosound RotoBass

    $15.95 - $22.95
    Rotosound 4, and 5 String RotoBass Nickel Roundwound Bass Strings
    This very popular nickel on steel string offers the best of both worlds insomuch that without sacrificing on quality Rotosound engineers have simplified the design spec. dispensed with the silk and increased productivity as a result. This enables...
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