Hipshot Schaller M4 Bass Detuner

Frankie - Bass Tech Will these Hipshot Schaller M4 Bass Detuner work with your Bass? Ask Frankie, our Bass Tech.

Hipshot Schaller M4 Bass Detuner

Hipshot Schaller M4 Style Bass Detuners

Instant, No Drill Installation!

Since the days of Beethoven, "E" string devices have been used to extend the range of the upright string bass offering the instrument greater versatility.

Bass Extender Key brings this proven versatility to the modern electric bass!

With a quick flick of the handy thumb lever, the HIPSHOT Bass Extender Key instantly expands your range without leaving position. Tunable to any note from "E" to low "C"

Other Extenders - Vintage Style - Gotoh GB7 - Hipshot Ultralights

These are intended for basses equipped with Schaller M4 Tuning machines.

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  1. Hipshot Double Stop Lever

    Regular Price: $31.00

    Special Price $24.80 - $31.00

    Hipshot Double Stop Lever in Chrome, Black, and Gold
    Enter the Drop Zone The Hipshot Double Stop Lever is a unique accessory for Hipshot Xtender's that allow Double Drop capabilities. With a flip of the lever, you can drop tune your low E to D, and continue to low C or even low B. Package...
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