Bartolini Pickups - FAQ

Q: Are Bartolini Pickups active or passive?

A: A common misconception...The overwhelmingly vast majority of Bartolini Pickups are passive pickups. There are a couple of sets that were once in regular production...a set of J pickups called the 9E, which we do try to stock when we can, as well as a P version.<./p>

Most preamps made for retrofitting (and those going in most of the high end basses available today) are designed to work with passive pickups.

Q: Which preamps do Bartolini Pickups work with?

A: Bartolini pickups function well with Bartolini, Aguilar, East, Demeter, Basslines as well as many other preamps.

Q: Do Bartolini Pickups come with screws?

A: a result, we offer them. Go to the Pickup Screw Page