Credit Card Issues

Q: Why was my credit card declined? I just used it on another site successfully.

The most common reasons are:

- Street address or ZIP code that was entered in the order, is not exactly the same as what the bank has on file. Unlike many many other sites, including big named retailers, we do address verification and fraud screening to help protect against credit card fraud.

- Insufficient funds

- Your bank has put a hold on the account as they may suspect fraud

--> ACTION: Give us a call or email

Q: I just made a purchase, looked at my bank account and see more than 1 charge.

Your bank authorized more than 1 charge attempt. This happens when you get declined by our processor for incorrect street address, postal code, or security code, and then make another transaction attempt. Banks authorize the transaction whether you entered this info correct or not, and if you run the transaction twice, it may be authorized twice.

Sometimes when a bank authorizes the transaction they put an authorization hold on the money that was going towards that transaction. That hold happens regardless of whether the card processor (the processor that we contract with : authorizes the transaction or not. Those 'holds' remain for a couple days allowing time for settlement of the attempts. At this point, if we do nothing (meaning; we do not settle the transaction attempts), the holds will dissapear after a couple of days...The apparent transaction will disappear from your account, and the account transaction log will appear as though the authorization holds were never there.

--> ACTION: None is needed, but the funds can be tied up for a couple days till the HOLD goes away. To get the hold removed ASAP, call your bank, let them know what happened and get the fax number for us. We will then send a fax saying that we have no intention of settling on the extra transaction holds and they will remove them right away.

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