Contact Us - Questions about Pickups

If your question involves pickup replacement, it is most helpful if you include:

-Length of Pickup
-Width of Pickup

If you are looking for something in particular such as custom string spacing, or a pickup to suit your tonal needs provide some details to us and we will be glad to help!

Feel free to email us at ::


As of late, we have had certain emails continually 'bounced' back to us as these cases, we receive the email, but you havn't received our reply.

If you sent an email and have not been responded to within 3 days, please send an additional email with:

- Your Phone Number
- Time Zone
- Window of time that is best to call.

We try to answer all emails daily (Monday-Friday, except Holidays in US), though occasionally we are unable to get to all of them in 24 hours. We take each inquiry very seriously and will respond to you. If you havn't been responded to within 2 business days, then something failed in the transmission. WE ANSWER EVERY INQUIRY!

Click on the above link to send an email....if there is no link directly above these don't have that case just use the email address listed below.