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DiMarzio - Cables - Black 10 Foot ST/ST



DiMarzio Instrument Cables are unsurpassed for connecting basses amps. Exceptionally crisp, clear, quiet and durable, they outperform cables costing much more.
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DiMarzio Instrument Cables - exactly what my rig needed!
By Howard Rabach
I had been having difficulty finding cables I could gig with on a regular basis. I am a session player, and often do not know what to expect when I arrive in terms of set up, stage space, equipment availability, etc. I had been through dozens of cables over my years of playing, some very expensive, including Monster and Mogami. Just about all of those failed me at one point or another, and usually in the middle of a gig - luckily I bring plenty of backups - but I shouldn't have to!

After reading some reviews, I purchased 2 of these cables; this one here to go from my bass to my pedalboard, and a longer one with one right angled tip to go from my board to my amp. I only ended up replacing this one as my last one disappeared while I was breaking down my rig at a festival gig. I am a DiMarzio customer for life in terms of my live rig; highly recommended!