EBS Flat Patch Cable 28cm

SKU:BBG 6216


28cm Flat Patch Cable with 1/4" 90 Degree Connectors

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28cm Flat Patch Cable with 1/4" 90 Degree Connectors

The new flat patch cables from EBS are tailored to make possible to reduce space on your pedal board, while maintaining the flexibility of using cables. The flat design also reduce the risk of cable jams, and keep your setup neat and clean.

Q: What is the length measurement in inches?

A: 11 inches

Q: Will this work with any effect pedal with a 1/4" connector?

A: For mono-only connections, yes (for stereo pedals, it's usually two 2 mono connectors are used)

Q: Is the insulation the same as regular patch cables?

A: Yes, the cables are properly insulated and shielded.


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