Franklin Padded Glove 3" Black Strap with Black Stitch

SKU:BBG 7633

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  • 3” Black Padded glove leather strap with contrast stitching

  • Adjusts from 39" to 56"

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This strap elevates “soft” to an art form. If you are looking for a soft feel and total comfort on stage, this is your strap.

The strap begins with a soft core of top quality suede. We place a wafer of foam on the top of the suede and then wrap it with our plush glove leather. Wrapping the glove leather around the suede achieves a “rolled look” that will remind you of the deep, tufted custom upholstery you would find at a classic car show. Adding another wafer of foam on the back, under more glove leather, enhances the “upholstered” look and feel to an extravagant level.


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