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Q: Do you ship Worldwide & Which Countries do you ship to?

:: Answer ::

Yes, we do!

We ship to most countries. If you don’t see your country in the country list on the checkout pages please contact us by email so we may assist you in getting your order placed.

Free shipping on all orders shipping to the United Kingdom,Canada, France,Norway,Japan, New Zealand, & Australia over $100.00

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  • Valid on all orders to United Kingdom, Canada, France, Norway, Japan, New Zealand, & Australia over $100.00
  • You must select "Free Shipping" at checkout
  • $100.00 Minimum
  • No Coupon required
  • Not valid on previous purchases. Not valid on future purchases.

Q:Can have anything shipped International?

:: Answer ::

Tech21 and Dimarzio brand items cannot ship internationally and cannot be added to an international order placed with Best Bass Gear.

Aguilar Prewired Preamps can ship worldwide, but other Aguilar brand items cannot ship to the following countries and will be pulled from your order before it is placed with Best Bass Gear.

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Chile, China, Columbia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Slovak republic, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom, and Venezuela.

Q:Can I check the status of my International Order?

:: Answer ::

To check the status of your order or track your package, please login to your Best Bass Gear account:

Q:Who should contact with questions about my international order?

:: Answer ::

All inquiries regarding your international order should be directed to Best Bass Gear:

Phone: Toll Free 877-839-3531 M-F 10am-7pm EST

Q: How quickly will my order be shipped?

:: Answer ::

Items that are in stock will typically be shipped the next business day. Our warehouse shipping cut off time is 3pm EST Monday - Friday. We employ fraud screening for credit card payments, and occasionally that may take an additional day (but not typical).

f you have made a special order for an item that do not typicaly stock, we will ship the business day following that item's arrival from the supplier. We do not hold, or sit on items...when we get special orders in, we get them out to you as soon as we can.

Please allow a day or two extra for prewiring of Aguilar preamps. We prewire and test them here per your order.

Typically, we ship Monday - Friday for all international shipments.

US Federal holidays are observed.

Q: What is the standard shipping method?

:: Answer ::

USPS is our standard method of shipment.

Q: Can I use another method of shipping besides USPS?

:: Answer ::

Yes, we can also use UPS and others upon request.

Just contact us with the city, postal code and country to where the shipment will go, as well as the items that you plan on purchasing.

Q: Can I use a cheaper shipping version from USPS?

:: Answer ::

Yes, we can do Priority Mail. This may be useful if you are ordering an inexpensive item. While there are less expensive options, but the shipping cost is only about 10.00 less, on average, and these options have very slow delivery and inquiry timeframes (should this step become necessary). You may find that the minimal extra cost will be worth it in the long run for your peace of mind but we are happy to try to work with you on the best option for your order.

Q: What about tracking?

:: Answer ::

An email from USPS or UPS will be sent directly to you when we have created a label. In that email, there will be a tracking number (USPS Express and UPS).

Q: What is the typical time in transit?

:: Answer ::

For shipments outside the US, transit time is typically 5-10 days for USPS Express; 8-15 days for USPS priority; 2-3 weeks for USPS First Class, but varies heavily on the speed of customs processing in the destination country.

Q: Can I get a shipping quote?

:: Answer ::

Sure, just add the items to the cart that you are interested in. Choose the country and Postal Code where we will be shipping and click calculate shipping. If you need a quote for shipping with a carrier besides USPS, please contact us.

Phone: Toll Free 877-839-3531 M-F 10am-7pm EST

Q: Will you devalue a shipment?

:: Answer ::

We cannot. Because we ship internationally almost every day and have our packages passing through customs at a high frequency, we declare the invoiced value (minus shipping) of the package as merchandise.

If a shipment gets lost, we cannot reclaim the true value if we don't have the value on the invoice...and then we lose out in a big way.

Sorry, we know that affects duties charges, but we want to continue to support our international customers for a long time to come... and we want to do so with integrity.

Q: What about Customs/Fees/Duties/Taxes?

:: Answer ::

Some countries may charge a customs/duty/fee/tax or local ship assessment when the parcel arrives to destination. We are not responsible for that fee, and are unable to give a quote for those fees. Contact your local post office or customs authority to discuss.