Labella 760N-CB Black Nylon Tapewound 6 String Medium (43 - 60 - 70 - 94 - 115 - 135) Long Scale

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6-String Standard 37" Winding Nylon Tapewound .043, .060, .070, .094, .115, .135
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6-String .043, .060, .070, .094, .115, .135

Long Scale(37″ Ball-End to Silk)

Now available in a LIGHT gauge! Redesigned for improved tone, sustainability and longevity, these stainless steel wound strings have an outer wrapping of black nylon tape. Ideal for fretless electric basses, these strings


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Well Worth The Price
By The Bass Player from on 2/4/2017
I play six string bass guitars. I'm in a popular local 50's 60's /Tribute band, and for the most part I play off of the 5th fret to get that fat stand up bass sound. I recently purchased another "Sixxer" and it has La Bella strings on it. I heard of them, but had never had the pleasure of using them. These strings are exactly what I needed to get me even closer to that thick, fat sound I was pursuing. These strings are the missing link that got me there, even on the 1st and 2nd strings! Yet when you add some treble, and some mid to them, they become lively and crisp, and are still full of fatness. My fellow band members commented on the new fuller sound I was producing immediately at rehearsal. They commented on my amp...heh, but I knew better. It's these strings! I have them on both basses now, and I love them. So easy on the fingers, and quiet in transitions. No more "scratching" while walking up and down that we all know can be a bit more difficult to get total control on due to the size of bass strings. You'll reduce some of your palm muting too. If you're a studio musician, your producer will like not having to clean up your tracks on recordings. The price is more than the usual bass string sets out there, but in my honest opinion, these strings are top of the line. I'm totally sold on them, but it still comes down to your own personal preference. ROCK ON!