Delano 4 String MusicMan Pickups

Delano's MusicMan pickups make a great addition to any MusicMan pickup equipped 4 String bass. Whether you are searching for an exposed pole piece model to match your vintage standards, or a modern styled closed-cover rail/blade design, or a unique style pickup like the Jay-Ray, Delano has a pickup to fit your tonal needs & offers a large variety of MusicMan pickups in Dual Coil & Quad Coil configuration to get the tone you have been searching for.

The MusicMan pickups can be run fully passive, or in conjunction with an onboard active EQ to provide further tone shaping. Delano also uses a quality closed pickup cover to provide isolation from unwanted microphonics & feedback.

Used & respected by world class builders such as Sandberg, Human Base, Marleaux, Clover, Ken Lawrence, Vigier, Conklin, Sei, Mayones, Eliezer Lara, Ristola, & Stambaugh Delano MusicMan pickups are a driving force for your MusicMan replacement needs.

  1. Delano MC4 AL/V4 4 String MusicMan Size Dual Coil Pickup

    4 string Dual Coil Vintage Parallel Wound MusicMan Pickup
    Do you remember the bright and ballsy ‘twang‘ of vintage B 00 series Stingray™ basses and think you can‘t find that tone anymore? In our MC4 AL/V4 alnico vintage style fourstring humbucking pickup we painstaikingly recreated...