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BBG 250k Blend Potentiometer 6mm Solid Shaft Solderless

SKU:BBG 6660

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BBG exclusive 250k blend control mounted to a small circuit board with screw down wire connections.
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A new original for Best Bass Gear. Here is a 250k blend control mounted to a small circuit board with screw down wire connections. As a result, it is a very easy part to install as a retrofit for virtually any bass electronics system, or for creating a bass electronics system up from scratch. It works well in active systems (with passive pickups) and is ideal for fully passive systems.

Are there benefits besides making the blend control solder-less to install?

Yes, since the blend control is where the pickup wires themselves are connected, this part has the additional advantage of making all of your bass’s future pickup changes solder-less. All that is needed to work with this component is a small flathead jewelers screwdriver, and a possibly a wire stripper to expose some conductor of the wires that are being used.

What about the taper of the control itself?

We have had a lot of discussions with our customers and manufacturers about the ideal blend control specifications. This blend pot is the culmination of those discussions. The potentiometer manufacturer is Noble, but with a custom taper they call Z1/Z2. This is very similar to a Bourns MN taper, and the affect is the same. The ‘center détente’ has both pickups ‘full on’ simultaneously with 0% attenuation of either signal. Additionally, one of the two pickups is always full on. When adjusting the blend control to either side it attenuates the pickup you are moving away from.

Is that custom taper different from what I already have in my bass?

That depends. The industry is a bit divided on what taper specification should be used for bass electronic systems. Some manufactures of basses and preamps do already use this type of custom blend control including, Bartolini and Glockenklang. The other type of blend is called a A1/B2, which is essentially a right and a left handed audio taper on a dual pot. Aguilar, for example, uses A1/B1 taper blend pots in their preamps, and despite the fact that there is an approximately 3db gain loss they work well because the systems overall gain more than compensates for the subtle gain loss at the blend control

Are the screw down terminals as good as soldered connections?

Since the pressure of the screw is quite significant, it makes a great connection. We have seen these connectors in use for some time in the preamps we sell. And have found this connection type to be very reliable.


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