Nordstrand NJ4SE 4 String Jazz L/S Size Split Coil Set



4 String Split Coil Jazz Bass Pickup Set
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These are a split coil hum cancelling design. They use the same had wound pattern found on our NJ4's but with a finer wire called 43 gauge enamel. The natural character of this design is to have a more pronounced lower midrange, and a slightly muted high end. This makes them exceptionally suited to fingerstryle players that are going for a solo bridge pickup sound with good 'bark' and 'heft'. They are also totally hum cancelling, and great for commonly noisy live situations.

Includes black covers.

Also available for 7.25" fingerboard radius

These are intended for basses with 7.25" fingerboard radius and have raised A & D poles to provide better sensing and balance.


    Neck Pickup

  • Length = 3.600"(91mm) Width = 0.73"(19mm)
  • Bridge Pickup

  • Length = 3.725"(95mm) Width = 0.73"(19mm)

Please Note:Nordstrand supplies chrome screws with their pickups. If you require black or gold screws, we carry them on our pickup screws page.

Click Here for Pickup Screws.


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Nordstrand = greatness
By Kelly from on 2/26/2016
I had been a user of Joe Barden pickups and Fender Custom Shop for a long time. I had read several articles on Nordstrand and was curious as to whether they would be a) worth the investment, and b) be more clear than the Joe Barden blades I had installed on my number one player. Once I figured out what the other wire was for, I found the sheet explaining it later, I was blown away by the difference. The clarity and articulation was breathtaking. You will not be disappointed. They are all I use now, both in studio and on stage. Enjoy them, once you try them, there is no going back.