Delano 4 String P Bass Pickups

Frankie - Bass Tech Will these Delano 4 String P Bass Pickups work with your Bass? Ask Frankie, our Bass Tech.

Delano's P Bass pickups make a great addition to any Precision Bass pickup equipped 4 String bass. Whether you are searching for an exposed pole piece model to match your vintage standards, or a modern styled closed-cover rail/blade design, Delano has a pickup to fit your tonal needs & offers a large variety of Precision Bass pickups in Split Coil Humcancelling configuration to get the tone you have been searching for.

The P Bass pickups can be run fully passive, or in conjunction with an onboard active EQ to provide further tone shaping. Delano also uses a quality closed pickup cover to provide isolation from unwanted microphonics & feedback.

Used & respected by world class builders such as Sandberg, Human Base, Marleaux, Clover, Ken Lawrence, Vigier, Conklin, Sei, Mayones, Eliezer Lara, Ristola, & Stambaugh Delano MusicMan pickups are a driving force for your MusicMan replacement needs.