R. Cocco

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R. Cocco

R. Cocco's hand-made strings are the product of the best possible materials and the design methods perfected by it's founder Richard Cocco Sr.

In the early days of the electric bass it was Richard Cocco who developed the techniques for winding bass strings for the new instruments early adopters.

For ten years Alfonso Annecchavio worked and collaborated with Mr. Cocco, learning the secrets of the trade. And it's in the hands of Annecchavio that the companies founder left it's continuing legacy.

With a strict dedication to quality, and a steadfast devotion to their creators approach to string-making, R. Cocco string produces some of the finest handmade string you can find for your bass.

BestBassGear no longer carries the R. Cocco line of strings. Feel free to browse our catalog of strings from other vendors

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