Vannetti V2B 2-Band Prewired Preamp



    2-Band preamp with unique Dual Presence Filter, custom wired to your specifications
$201.00 - $247.00

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Developed by Best Bass Gear's own Rob Giovannetti, the Vannetti V2B 2-Band is a unique offering in the world of onboard preamps. Inspired by the classic active electronics of the late 1970s, the V2B has been designed not to be "transparent," but to color your sound in a definitive and musical way.

Unlike other preamps, the Vannetti V2B can't be classified as a 3-band, but neither is it a true 2-band. Using our exclusive Dual Presence Filter™, players are able to switch the character of their high end between an aggressive, wide-band hi-mid control and a smoother, yet punchy, traditional treble response; all at the flick (or pull) of a switch! Combine the Dual Presence Filter with a bass control designed to add depth without becoming muddy or boomy, and the V2B will let you cut, thump, and punch through the mix while still holding the groove.

Available exclusively though Best Bass Gear, and offered in over three dozen pre-wired configurations, every Vannetti V2B is hand-built and -wired in Rob's suburban-Chicago workshop. Order yours today to discover why Color is Musical™!

    Technical Specifications

  • Bass: +/-12dB @ 67Hz
  • Switchable Dual Presence Filter:
  • +/-16dB @ 2.8kHz or +/-14dB @ 6.3kHz

Input Gain: +0-15dB

Overall Dimensions: 1.68" x 1.0" x 0.5"

Optimized for 9v operation; 18v yields no additional benefits


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Verified Buyer
Vannetti V2B Preamp
By Kevin H
Can't say enough about how much this all rocks!

I have an old Kawai RB865a 5 string that I picked up cheap years ago. It's an awesome instrument, but the stock pickups and preamp were pretty weak to me. The Delano single coils were a perfect fit, and so was the Vannetti preamp. The two together sound killer - as good if not better than all the boutique $3000+ 5-strings the A-list session players bring to record with [I'm an engineer with a bass problem ;) ]. And that's without running it through all my fancy DI/preamps/compressors etc that I normally would.

The Vannetti was a tight but perfect fit in the cavity, and the provided adhesive was clutch. I had to use the old jack from the Kawai since it's a funny output jack route, and widen the pot shaft holes to 3/8" from 5/16". Everything else dropped in seamlessly.
Verified Buyer
Vannetti Preamp!!
By Rich Snyder
Really nice voicing. You can max the bass and treble and it still sounds good. Of course, cutting much bass turns it into a guitar, but maybe that works for some people in some situations. The treble doesn’t get shrill or ice picky. I’m not 100% sure what the switch does, I view it as more aggressive, less aggressive.

The upgrade has taken a good bass and pushed it into world class territory. I think it would be difficult for anyone to not like the preamp. I personally love it!
Verified Buyer
Vannetti V2B
By jerVc
After a careful amount of research, I decided to swap out my stock Glockenklang 2 pickup, 4 knob, 2 band Vol preamp from my Sandberg VM4 and switch to the Vannetti V2B. Could not have picked a better upgrade. Note, I was not looking to upgrade as I thought I had found the perfect bass/configuration/tone I was going for with a stock setup. It was only through a faulty preamp, and a dozen or so emails to/from the manufacturer that led me down the path of a replacement preamp. In comparison the Glockenklang was very transparent and is really good at letting the instruments "sound" come through uncolored. After the install (which required little to no modification) I instantly noticed a decent amount of headroom was added to my sound that was not previously available. Also how easy it was to dial the eq settings to match the "sweet spot" in the bass. It is true that this pre adds a decent amount of color to your tone, but in comparison it made the Glock sound very sterile and lifeless. The real secret weapon in this pre is the variable gain pot which can give you up to 15db of boost. I found that setting this pot to the stock factory setting gives you more than enough gain as the eq seems to be centered around the high-mid frequency that can get plenty aggressive with just a few turns. Not to say that you can't get plenty of old school tones out of this as well. You can roll off all the highs as easy as dialing in a more modern sound without losing any low end or headroom. If you are looking to upgrade your Glockenklang and need more headroom/presence to your sound look no further. Could not recommend a better preamp as it has hit the bulls eye on what I was going for. Thank you to the incredible staff at Best Bass Gear for a stellar recommendation and countless emails. I will be upgrading the pre in my Sandberg TT4 next as there is no comparison between the two instruments now.