Delano 5 String Xtender Series Pickups

Frankie - Bass Tech Will these Delano 5 String Xtender Series Pickups work with your Bass? Ask Frankie, our Bass Tech.

Delano's Xtender bass pickup range is made to bring up the sound of your instrument to new frontiers. You most certainly have never expirienced fat bass tone voiced that pure and sweet ever before. Imagine the amalgam of history and future.

Welcome to 21st century bass tone: X-tra massive bottom, maximum-definition, gutsy midrange growl and a world class wide open top end – these are the key ingredients of a new sound character that has simply no match in electric bass history.

These pickups comes in our newly designed oval-shaped protector shell, which means way more than just fancy looks. This fresh form factor offers a radically different approach to magnet array and string sensing pattern which greatly affects the way the DELANO TheXtender is capable to interact with the motion of the strings.

These are available for 5 String bass guitar in Split-Coil, Dual Coil, and Quad Coil Humcancelling options.