Bartolini BC4S-B 4 String BC Size Singularity Single Coil Neck Pickup

SKU:BBG 7116

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4 String BC sized single coil neck pickup
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The BC4S-B is a BC Soapbar shaped bass pickup for the neck positions.

Singularity Bass Pickups provide massive single coil voice in soapbar shapes. The asymmetric blade design yeilds powerful lows and low-mids along with bright treble due to its precise sensing aperture.

The pickups support a wide range of string widths and have even string-to-string output balance. They are fully shielded to reduce electromagnetic interference and sealed in epoxy to eliminate unwanted microphonics.


  • Length = 3.95"(100.33mm) Width = 1.26"(32.00mm)


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