Bartolini M45CBC-T 5 String M4(EMG 40) Size Classic Bass Dual Coil Bridge Pickup



5 String Classic Bass Dual Coil EMG 40 Size Bridge Pickup Only

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The M45CBC-T is an M4 Soapbar shaped bass pickup for the bridge position. The dual coil design features powerful lows and low-mids - bright treble.

The "Classic Bass" series bass pickups are passive designs featuring an extended and more resonant frequency range. They have far more "air" and definition at the top without sacrificing lows and low mids. They are cast in epoxy to remove unwanted feedback and microphonics.

Please check the physical size of the pickups you want to replace to make sure the replacements fit properly.

Please Note:Bartolini does not provide screws with their pickups. If you need pickup screws, you can get them on the Pickup Screws page.

Click Here for Pickup Screws.


  • Length = 4.00"(102mm) Width = 1.50"(38mm)


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Verified Buyer
Bartolini is my personal top choice for soap bar pickups
By Pete Dunn
This pair of Classic Bass soap bars are fitted, together with a 3 band Bartolini preamp, into a 12 year old Ibanez Sound Gear bass. Now only the newly stripped and oiled mahogany body and neck are original. The Gotoh tuners,Hipshot 'A'style bridge, even the knobs are all ex. Best Bass Gear. Fantastic bass now. Australian Musos helping the US economy!
Verified Buyer
Perfect Fit!
By Devin Harry Paul
I've done alot of pickup replacements on bass over the years being a guitar tech and i have to say... These are the best bass p-ups i've installed yet.

They were the perfect fit and tone (installed on Peavey Grind 5 string). The mid punch/bright treble was excellent both in active and passive mode.

I paired it with the matched neck pickup and a Bartolini 4.5 Preamp. I'm so impressed withthis config that i'm going to install it on one of my own.