Delano SBC6 HE/S-4-E 6 String M5(EMG 45) Size Quad Coil Bridge Pickup

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6 string Quad Coil EMG 45 Size Bass Bridge Pickup Only
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The DELANO SBC6 HE/S-4 is a no compromise, strictly highend quad-coil humbucking pickup, that offers you great, classy sixstring bass tone throughout the entire range of your instrument and beyond.

We were pretty happy with the performance of our standard SBC6 HE/S, but we wanted to integrate the option of an additional single coil style string sensing pattern, with no hum, off course. But what you get is far more. When properly positioned, you can get for example two different JB type™ (60ies or 70ies)single coil voicings out of the very same SBC6 HE/S-4 bridge pickup, on top of our dead-on humbucker sound. Can you imagine what a pair of DELANOs might do for your tone?

More Information

● - Quad-Coil Humbucker

When mixing Delano pickups you must use two pickups with the same icon.


  • Length = 4.53"(115mm) Width = 1.50"(38mm)

Please Note:Delano supplies black screws with their pickups. If you require chrome or gold screws, we carry them on our pickup screws page.

Click Here for Pickup Screws.


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