EMG LJAX 4 String Jazz L Size Bridge Pickup

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Available as a separate unit, the LJAX is the longer of the two pickups in the JAX Set, usually located in the bridge position.

The JAX Set is based off EMG's original J, but uses radiused Alnico V magnets instead of ceramic and our X Series preamp. This creates a tone that is warm and open for a more vintage sound with a broad frequency range and added dynamic response and feel. The JAX provides bass players with natural presence, powerful lows, and expansive midrange. With our X Series preamp on-board, this pickups set truly bridges the gap between passive and active tone - giving players the best of both worlds. Whether you play fretted or fretless you'll get an incredibly full sound with these bass pickups.

Package Includes

  • EMG's Exclusive Quik-Connect™ Cable
  • Prewired Solid Shaft Volume/Active Tone Control Set
  • Output Jack
  • Battery Clip Set
  • Adjustment Screws


  • Length = 93.99mm (3.70") Width = 18.54mm (0.73")
  • Maximum Recommended String Width: 69.2mm (2.725")

Please Note: EMG supplies chrome screws with their pickups. If you require black or gold screws, we carry them on our pickup screws page.

Click Here for Pickup Screws.


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These are for Jazz Bass Purists
By John Cerio from on 7/27/2016
This is one the first products I've ever reviewed that is exactly as described. I absolutely love the tone of these. Install this on your Jazz Bass if you want strong EMG guts with vintage flavor.