EMG 45DC 6 String M5(EMG 45) Size Pickup



6 String Dual Coil EMG 45 Size Bass Pickup

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The EMG 45DC is a powerful modern sounding humbucker for bass players looking to cut through a big loud mix.

The two coils loaded with ceramic bar magnets provide punch and clarity with a crisp top end and plenty of output. This extremely versatile pickup gives players a sonic range that covers the cleanest highs right down to the dirtiest, growling lows.

This model uses an extended housing that is 4.5 inches (115mm), perfect for six string basses.

The included solderless wiring and pots makes installing this pickup easy to do at home.

Package Includes

  • EMG's Exclusive Quik-Connect™ Cable
  • Prewired Solid Shaft Volume/Tone Control Set
  • Output Jack
  • Battery Clip Set
  • Adjustment Screws


  • Length = 115.0mm (4.50") Width = 38.1mm (1.50")
  • Maximum Recommended String Width: 92.0mm (3.62")

Please Note:EMG supplies chrome screws with their pickups. If you require black or gold screws, we carry them on our pickup screws page.

Click Here for Pickup Screws.

Question: Where Can I Buy an EMG 45DC 6 String M5(EMG 45) Size Pickup?

Answer: You can buy this from Best Bass Gear by Calling 877-839-3531 or Emailing us at sales@bestbassgear.com or chatting with our Bass Techs


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Incredible Pickups!!!!
By David Reiner
I was looking to replace my active pickups on an old Yamaha BB5 bass. I searched the web and these pickups were the perfect fit. The solderless connectors are tight. I used a jazz-style wiring (i.e. Volume, Volume, and Master Tone). The sound is nothing short of spectacular. Punchy and powerful. I use both a pick and my fingers and the notes were clear and jumped out from my amp. I would recommend these pickups for any style of music. Completely worth the price!