Delano MC5 HE/S-L 5 String DL5(MusicMan Xtend) Size Dual Coil Pickup



5 string Dual Coil Extended MusicMan Bass Pickup
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Our XXL sized fivestring dual coil MM style™ humbucking pickup is specially designed to deliver the best fivestring tone in instruments with extra wide string spacings.

It terms of tone, we‘re talking extra huge but tight sub- to lowend with warm and true midrange focus topped by sparkling trebles. Great articulation and open harmonics for classy elegant highend performance that stays with you from mellow to over the edge playing. Parallel wiring is voiced for chords, stick-style tapping and hyperfunk clean tones. The DELANO MC5 HE/S-L sounds equally great in passive mode or combined with active on board electronics like our two or three band eq/preamps

More Information

● - Dual-Coil Humbucker

When mixing Delano pickups you must use two pickups with the same icon.


  • Length = 4.14"(105mm) Width = 1.91"(48.3mm)


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Verified Buyer
Great Upgrade
By Eric
My Warwick Double Buck used to sound muddy and subdued with a weak b string, but now it is open and clear. The low b+e strings speak strongly. Note definition is the biggest improvement. Very happy with the big low end, clear and present midrange, and clear highs without being pointy or sharp on the top end.
Verified Buyer
By Andrew Glatzel
This pickup is absolutely fantastic. I have it set up in a passive configuration in series. It was a bit of a pain for me to set up the diagram was slightly difficult to understand but not impossible. This pickup sounds great. It has a very clear sound. Chords sound amazing as well. The mids are a bit overpowering but with a little eq it is perfect. Overall this pickup is a great value and packs a ton of punch. You can't go wrong with this one.