Nordstrand NP4 4 String Precision Size Alnico V Split Coil Pickup



4 string Split Coil Pbass Pickup
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This is a faithful reproduction of one of the most famous pickups in the world.

It will give a very big and full tone with the slightly hollow grind that the originals are known for.

Includes black covers.

Also available with Alnico III magnets

Alnico III magnets differ from Alnico V in that they are warmer with a softer character. Think of them like a 60’s J style sound taken even further down the warm and fat path. Alnico V by contrast is brighter, cleaner and punchier, and will have a more wiry, stringy character. As another example, we’d recommend Alnico III for fretless or a fat 60’s Jaco type thing and Alnico V is great for a modern slap type thing or an R & B sound.

Please Note:Nordstrand supplies chrome screws with their pickups. If you require black or gold screws, we carry them on our pickup screws page.

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Verified Buyer
Great pickups!
By Chris from on 4/19/2017
Got these as a replacement for my Fender Roger Waters P bass. Bass comes stock with Duncan Quarter Pounders, which sounded awful. Mids way too scooped, boomy lows and harsh highs. The NP4 tamed the beast that is the Waters P and sound fantastic!
Verified Buyer
nordstrand pick up for fender p deluxe
By keith from on 1/15/2014
First time replacing pick ups in a bass. ...My pbass was very modern sounding, the Nordstrand melloed it out and made it sound deeper and thicker/richer.
Verified Buyer
watch out!
By william hoover from on 1/15/2014
ass kicking pups--plenty of punch or velvet p tone--I likes.
Verified Buyer
Nordstrand NP4
By Daniel Le Bolloch from on 1/15/2014
This really is a great pickup. It absolutely nails the classic P-Bass tone. If you want something modern sounding maybe look elsewhere, but I was after that 60s P sound. I have it in a stndard P style bass with an alder body and maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, and it delivers in spades.
Highly recommended.