Delano 5 String P Bass Pickups

Will these Delano 5 String P Bass Pickups work with your Bass? Ask Frankie, our Bass Tech.

Delano's P Bass pickups make a great addition to any Precision Bass pickup equipped 5 String bass. Whether you are searching for an exposed pole piece model to match your vintage standards, or a modern styled closed-cover rail/blade design, Delano has a pickup to fit your tonal needs & offers a large variety of Precision Bass pickups in Split Coil Humcancelling configuration to get the tone you have been searching for.

The P Bass pickups can be run fully passive, or in conjunction with an onboard active EQ to provide further tone shaping. Delano also uses a quality closed pickup cover to provide isolation from unwanted microphonics & feedback.

Used & respected by world class builders such as Sandberg, Human Base, Marleaux, Clover, Ken Lawrence, Vigier, Conklin, Sei, Mayones, Eliezer Lara, Ristola, & Stambaugh Delano MusicMan pickups are a driving force for your MusicMan replacement needs.

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  1. Delano PMVC FE/M2 Series P Bass

    $135.00 - $156.00
    *For your 4 and 5 String P Basses*
    How to improve a classic pickup design: Delano takes the classic P-Bass™ pickup design a major step forward. The big ferrous poles grab all the strings movements with zero loss. Specially engineered ferrite magnets and custom wound coils make...
  2. Delano PMVC AL/M2 Series P Bass

    *For your 4 and 5 String P Basses*
    The DELANO PMVC 5 AL/M2 is a split coil humbucker that bridges the gap between the classic P-Bass® pickup and popular modern designs. Two custom wound coils are the heart of it - each with two 9.5mm diameter AlNiCo V magnets. It's an excellent...
  3. Delano PC AL Series P Bass

    $135.00 - $156.00
    *For your 4 and 5 String P Basses*
    The DELANO PC series offers a range of different transducer designs in the familiar Precison Bass™ pickup shape.They are direct retrofit units and can be installed in any electric bass that is outfitted with a P-bass™ style pickup cavity. Since...
  4. Delano PC HE Series P Bass

    $132.00 - $156.00
    *For your 4 and 5 String P Basses*
    The DELANO PC HE is our extended range high-end version of this classic bass pickup. Please check the physical size of the pickups you want to replace to make sure the replacements fit properly. PC4 HE/M2 Massive...
  5. Delano PMVC5 FE 5 String Precision Size Split Coil Pickup

    5 string Split Coil Pbass Pickup
    Looking for a fivestring bass pickup in a P-Bass™ shell that stands really apart from all others? DELANO has it. Five sturdy 9.5mm diameter ferrous pole pieces are not for looks only: Tight, lightning-fast transients on top of meaty fullrange...
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