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Seymour Duncan Apollo Jazz 67 5 String Jazz AS S Size Split Coil Neck Pickup

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5 String American Standard Split Coil Humcancelling Jazz Bass Neck Pickup
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Linear humbucking neck pickup for 5-string ‘Jazz V’ bass adds punch and articulation missing from standard Jazz bass pickups while minimizing noise.

The Apollo 5-string Jazz Bass neck pickup may look traditional but it hides a secret under its cover: a linear humbucking design with two coils sitting next to each other. This gives you hum-free performance as well as a fatter, punchier tone than traditional Jazz Bass neck pickups. If you have an older 5-string Jazz Bass, use the 70mm model for the proper fit.

Hand built in Santa Barbara, CA, Apollo Jazz Bass pickups use hand ground alnico 5 rod magnets and are vacuum wax potted for squeal free performance.


  • Length = 3.973"(100.91mm) Width = 0.730"(18.54mm)

Overall string spacing for Neck pickup is 2.636"(66.95mm)

Please Note:

Seymour Duncan supplies chrome pickup screws with their pickups. If you require pickup screws for your install they can be found on our pickup screw page.

Pickup Screws


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Duncan Apollos rock!
By Jeremy N from on 10/18/2016
This pickup replaced a stock Noiseless pickup that died in my MIM Jazz Deluxe V. Installation was super easy -- screws and foam were included in the packaging. There is a separate braided lead for grounding the pole pieces (which I simply paired with the black pickup ground lead). This ensures that there is no pop/click when you touch the poles with your fingers (the stock pickup did not have these and had constant noise problems).

The tone is huge -- it'll do the P-bass thing quite well when soloed and blends beautifully with my matching Apollo bridge pickup. It is also DEAD QUIET in every situation, solo or blended. No pop, no click, no 60-cycle, no RF. I have yet to play a bar/club gig with it, but I'm certain its noise-free status would hold true in any situation.

I highly recommend this pickup if you need a good replacement for A Fender MIM Deluxe V or American Standard V Jazz bass.