Seymour Duncan SJB-5n 5 String Jazz S Size Stacked Coil Neck Pickup



5 String Stacked Coil Humcancelling Jazz Bass Neck Pickup Only
In Production

Seymour Duncan is making these. We will have more of these within 2-4 weeks. Order it now, to reserve your place in line and we'll ship it the same day we receive it from Seymour Duncan.


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SJB-5 -- Blade-type, lower output, flat response passive system.

Pickup covers included. Punchy, clean and defined with low output (good for preamps). Humcancelling.

Not a retrofit for Fender™ 5 strings....please check dimensions.


  • Length = 3.602"(91.5mm) Width = 0.718"(18.2mm)

Please Note:Seymour Duncan supplies chrome screws with their pickups. If you require black or gold screws, we carry them on our pickup screws page.

Click Here for Pickup Screws.


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Verified Buyer
By Yan
I put 2 of them on a Squier Special-5 and it sounds really good. Even if both are usually for neck position, it sounds really good in the bridge position as well. I just had to adjust the neck position pickup height to get the sound I like, so the bridge one is much closer from the strings. This bass can only accept a 4 string size pickup in the bridge position, so this is why I decided to install 2 neck pickups instead of modifying the body to accommodate a standard size 5 strings pickup. All pots were modified to 250k and wiring is in parallel. I'll probably change the tone pot later for a push-pull, to get a parallel/series option. Totally satisfied!
Verified Buyer
By Harry DeBusk
I put this pickup in the bridge position of a Squier Special 5. That bass comes with 4-string pickups, but it's a 5-string bass. The Duncan sounds good, B-string is clear and audible (now), and overall the pickup is a really good compliment to the Nordstrand NP-5 I put in the neck position. The pickup is a stacked design, so you have the options for series or parallel connection; I chose series, but it's still quite bright. Recommended.