John East Stomp Box

John East Stomp Box - STMP-01

- $350

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The STMP-01 is based on East's very first E-Pro product, the J-Retro 01. Similar to the J-Retro, it includes a 3 band equaliser with bass, variable frequency mid, treble and bright fuction.

Enhancements and additions include:

- Full Bypass - controlled by footswitch.

-Mid Boost In/Out - controlled by its own footswitch.

- Balanced & Unbalanced Outputs - XLR Balanced output includes ground lift switch.

- Straight DI Signal - The balanced output is operated in bypass.

- Internal or External Power - Includes 9V battery box and socket for external power

- A very gentle built-in contour gives immediate color without detracting from the basic sound.

Power requirements: 9-12V, 10mA

Dimensions: 128 X 175 X 56 mm (5.0" X 6.9" X 2.2")



This knob has active circuitry after it so that the feed to your amplifier is a low impediance drive. The circuit gives appoximately 6dB of gain to the output jack when the knob is set at maximum. Under the same conditions, the gain for the balanced output is 12dB, designed to feed line inputs.

Bypass Footswitch

A red LED, situated between the LEVEL knob and the Bypass Footswitch, lights to indicate when the Stomp Box is in circuit. When the LED is off the signal is fed directly from the input jack to the output jack. In bypass, the electronic Balanced Output is still active, passing a straight but buffered signal from the input jack

BASS (+18dB @ 50 Hz)

Boost only Bass control where the frequency band of boost gets progressively lower as the boost is increased. An indent midway is included to aid the setting of this control.


BOOST/CUT (+/- 12dB)
Boost or cut at frequencies according to the setting of the FREQ(uency) knob. The midway indent is the 'flat' position.

FREQ (150Hz - 3kHz)
The Frequency knob is continuously variable and sets the Mid frequencies for boost or cut.


A yellow LED, situated between the Mid FREQ Knob and the Mid In/Out Footswitch, lights to indicate when the Mid circuit is active. The full Bypass Footswitch will turn off the Mid circuit too.

Treble (+12dB @ 3kHz, -12dB @ 1KHz)

Boost or cut with central 'flat' position indented. The cut settings work on lower frequencies compared to boost to give a deeper sound when the top is rolled off.

Bright (+8dB @ 7kHz)

Set the toggle switch to 'ON' for the bright setting.


The power is switched on automatically when a mono jack is plugged into the Input Jack socket. A battery box, accessed at the front of the unit , holds a standard 9V battery. An external DC power supply input allows main powering via an option AC/DC adapter.