John East BLI-01


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9v or 18v East Battery monitor


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The East BLI-)1 is designed to indicate when the life of your 9v or 18v battery system is getting towards the end of its life. At the point the warning LED begins to flash, around once per second, there is still some useful life left in the battery. This unit is ultra lower power such that its power requirement is totally insignificant in terms of the overall battery life, even when the LED is flashing.

Thiis is very different to the type of indicator where an LED may be fully lit, which in many cases, is likely to take more current than the system being monitored.

This unit is supplied with wires fitted to the circuit board which need to be connected to the battery system. The LED must be installed and then soldered to the BLI-01 circuit board.

Available in Chrome or Black


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