John East J-Tone 01 Active and Full Passive Preamp for J Style Basses



J-Tone - Pure & Simple - Pure Classic J Tone - Full Passive & Active - High Performance Musical EQ - Volume/Volume & Volume/Blend Versions
$194.00 - $199.00
$194.00 - $199.00

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J-Tone - Pure & Simple

  • Pure Classic J Tone
  • Full passive & active
  • High performance musical EQ
  • Volume/Volume & Volume/Blend Versions

Retain the original sound of a J style bass with a modern active EQ in the same preamp - no changes to your bass required!

John East created the J-TONE pre amp, replicating the authentic original passive wiring of the J style bass with a high spec active EQ. It's designed as a direct drop-in replacement, including a place for the battery. It's easy to fit at home using basic tools, no soldering, no physical changes to the instrument.

The passive wiring is available as either the classic Volume / Volume / Tone, or for those who prefer a master volume - Volume / Blend / Tone. Plug-in tone caps allow additional fine tuning of the passive tone control.

The active EQ is simplicity itself, incorporating highly responsive bass and treble controls, taken from our new high end UNI-PRE system. Internal edge wheels allow individual custom voicing for both the bass and treble control spectrum. Instrument qualities can be enhanced in conjunction with tone-shaping to match playing styles.

Summary of Features & Basic Spec

  • Classic Volume / Volume / Tone passive path version, replicating original J style wiring.
  • Volume / Blend / Tone version for those who prefer a master volume.
  • Push-Pull active/passive on passive tone.
  • Class A FET input stage for great sound quality, with master gain trim preset adjuster.
  • Highly responsive Bass and Treble control adjustments in active.
  • Frequency Wheels to set the width of the bass and treble spectrum individually.
  • Passive tone is always operational, in both active and passive.
  • Passive tone has plug-in tone cap to allow easy swapping of the cap value for different roll-off frequencies.
  • Bass control can be set as boost/cut or boost only, with an internal jumper link setting.
  • Screw terminals for all external connections - pickups and grounding, for easy installation.
  • Designed as drop-in replacement for standard J electronics with no physical changes to the instrument*
  • Design allows 9V Battery to mount beneath the preamp in a standard J style bass.

Basic Response, Gain & EQ Spec

  • PASSIVE MODE: Neutral at response in accordance with passive control settings.
  • ACTIVE MODE: Neutral at response when Bass & Treble controls are set to their centre clicks.
  • GAIN TRIM: Internal Trimmer 0-12dBs setting overall gain of active circuit.
  • BASS CONTROL: +/- 18dBs Cut/Boost with internally adjustable shelf frequency 40–200Hz.
  • TREBLE CONTROL: +/- 18dBs Cut/Boost with internally adjustable shelf frequency 1kHz – 7.5kHz.

Note: * The J-Tone will fit in the majority of J style basses, but the routing width and depth of cavities does vary, so we can't guarantee it. It's important to check that a 9V battery drops into the cavity close to the jack, and that there's a depth of 32mm.

Question: Where Can I Buy a John East J-Tone 01 Active and Full Passive Preamp for J Style Basse?

Answer: You can buy this from Best Bass Gear by Calling 877-839-3531 or Emailing us at or chatting with our Bass Techs


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Verified Buyer
Excellent J-Tone
By taosword
I had my guitar tech. put a J-Tone in my 2015 Fender Mexican Jazz Bass. I just played it Tue. at our Blues society's stage and the sound man says the tone is some of the best he has heard and he has heard a lot. Only problem is my tech said everything was way too cramped for taken in and out to replace battery, so he routed a a spot for the battery. No big deal since this preamp is well worth a little rout job. Will recommend this preamp to my fellow rock/blues musicians.
Verified Buyer
Great sound, not so easy to install!
By Andre
I Have a 1975 Fender JazzBass and had to go see my luthier to route a bit the cavity to make it fit :(
Since not all bass are the same it could happen...
After comparing the stock electronics and J-Tone back & forth Passive sound is the same and tone is preserve :)
Bass, treble, are great add-on in active mode and have the Tone as a bonus is great.
After testing Tone capacitors drop-in i end up using the classic .047
Verified Buyer
Very Nice
By Nicholas
Very well made sounds great. I use the passive and active to Taylor the sound to the type of tune i'm playing. Makes it convenient on stage.
I did have to cut a notch to get the the unit to line up with the mounting holes and had trouble installing it with the battery and wires fitting.
But overall well worth the upgrade.
Verified Buyer
Good Stuff!
By Daniel Rodriguez
This is an amazing preamp!
Verified Buyer
Well-designed, great sound, easy installation
By Tom D.
I was looking for an active preamp so I could bring my passive bass to practices/etc and not have to worry about bringing any outboard gear to shape its sound. In addition I also wanted to be able to drop into passive mode if necessary. After trying a drop-in preamp plate from another manufacturer and not liking it, I found the JTone to be exactly what I was looking for. Key was the ability to set the frequency centers and change the tone capacitors to my liking. This let me really tailor the sound of the preamp to my bass and my style of playing. For example, I'm able to set the treble frequency a little lower than many preamps, and use the passive tone control to roll off some of the ultra high zing and fret noise, leaving a beautiful upper/high midrange emphasis. The noise floor of this preamp is incredibly low, also--hiss is simply a non-issue.

Consider carefully whether you want the volume/blend for volume/volume configuration. I ordered volume/blend and then wondered if I would rather have had volume/volume. As it has turned out I have been able to take advantage of the customizable output level, so I can leave the main volume backed off a bit for most of the time, and then crank it up when I go to the bridge pickup or for songs that emphasize the bass more. Using the preamp this way has really made the volume/blend work out well, but for a while there I was worried I should have gotten the volume/volume configuration instead.

Overall a very well thought-out preamp that sounds great. A great blend of classic organic passive sound and active tone shaping. Installation is about as simple as anyone could make it--all you need is a screwdriver and you're good to go.
Verified Buyer
J-Tone - What a J bass should sound like.
By Clint "Crash Clint" Owens
This is an amazing preamp. I went with the Vol/Vol stack, version. I think this preamp is amazing, in passive mode my bass sounded just like it did before adding the preamp. The passive mode is very transparent and didn't color the tone. In active mode, the Bass/Treble stack comes into play. I basically left the treble on the detent or 12 o'clock and set the bass between 1-2 o'clock and it just filled the bottom up nicely. I put one into an inexpensive SX bass with Fender pickups and fell in love with the tone, so much I am going to have one put into my new Roscoe Classic Custom that is being built. Check you cavity depth as it needs 32mm, I did have to route the cavity on the SX. After routing and shielding the cavity, it took 5 minutes to install the new preamp. There is a lot of flexibility in this preamp with the internal controls and extra capacitors for the passive tone so I recommend carefully letting the plate hand free while testing the different options before screwing it back together. I bet this preamp would sound amazing with a set of Nordstrand humbuckers.
Verified Buyer
John East J-Tone:Great drop-in preamp.
By Bob Mayer
The J-Tone is a new model bass preamp from John East that features Active/Passive, Two band EQ, choice of Vol/Vol or Vol/Blend, adjustable frequency points on the bass and treble all in a drop in unit that features solder free connections. The 9 volt battery tucks underneath it for most installations. I installed it on a G&L JB bass. One of the nicest features is that it really retains the original tone of the J bass in Passive mode, and I think in Active mode too. A great addition to the John East line.