John East MPM-02 Piezo Magnetic Buffer

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John East Piezo Magnetic Buffer
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The MPM-02 consists of two identical configurable high impedance buffer input amplifier stages. Designed for piezo as well as magnetic pickups, they can be configured to correctly mix piezo and magnetic pickup signals.


  • 2 Class A FET high impedance buffer input preamplifiers.
  • Each preamplifier is totally separate with its own output.
  • Each preamplifier has its own gain preset.
  • Outputs can be mixed with the addition of a simple single gang blend pot.
  • Piezo signals can be attenuated where the level is high.
  • Connection for HF roll-off pot to soften the hard edge often associated with piezo pickups.
  • Screw terminals for ease of installation.
  • Operates on 9 or 18V.
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