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Here are a few that we offer. If there is a specific tool you would like to see us carry, let us know.

Some information you may be interested in...

Is a fret beveling file necessary?

Fret beveling, which is part of the fret dressing process, is necessary to do when doing fret work. One of the tools needed to get this job done is a fret beveling file. This is one of those tools that is not cheap, but necessary. Read up about fret dressing that includes use of this file in the article How to build a bass guitar - Fret dressing.

What tool is good for carving a bass guitar neck?

One of the main tools needed where bass guitar neck carving is concerned is the half round file. This is the same type of file used in automotive applications and it works great for neck carving. You can read more about this in the article How to build a bass guitar - Neck carving.