CruzTools GrooveTech - Cheater Truss Rod Driver

SKU:BBG 2174

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The Cheater Driver allows quick minor adjustment without removing the neck
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Vintage-style truss rod nuts have very thin yet wide slots and are made of unhardened steel, so normal slotted screwdrivers will cause damage - as evidenced on many vintage guitars and basses. We developed two screwdrivers specifically for this application. Proper adjustment involves removal of the neck for full nut access, and our Standard Driver provides firm contact over the entire slot width for damage-free adjustment. The Cheater Driver™ allows quick minor adjustment without removing the neck (please see recommendations for use). Both have oversized handles with extra-long shafts for a firm grip and easy access. GTTRS1 (Standard) GTTRC2 (Cheater)


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