Seymour Duncan SJ5-3n 5 String Jazz AS S Size Quarter Pounder Single Coil Neck Pickup

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5 String Quarter Pounder Single Coil American Standard Size Jazz Bass Neck Pickup Only
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High Output true single-coil. Recommended for blues, classic rock, garage, heavy rock and nu-metal.

Delivers amazing output and super strong attack. The quarter-inch alnico pole piece magnets together with over-wound coil provide full response with great control. Includes logo cover.

This pickup is a direct retrofit for Fender™ Jazz V and many other popular 5 string basses. Will accommodate string spacings up to 3.10" (78.7mm) for bridge pickup and 3.00" (76.2mm) for neck pickup.


  • Length = 3.973"(100.9mm) Width = 0.73"(18.5mm)

Please Note:Seymour Duncan supplies chrome screws with their pickups. If you require black or gold screws, we carry them on our pickup screws page.

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A truly impressive pickup
By Ed Tapper
I have used SD Jazz pickups before, albeit in a passive bass (namely the 67-70mm pickups). I have to admit that I was skeptical of the Quarter Pounder, mostly due to their advertized high output and overwound coils; worried that they'd be louder than the MM-style pickup that was also in the bass. I was pleasantly surprised that the output is the same and the pickup has a great aggressive tone. Lots of growl in the low end with clean highs. I would recommend this pickup to anyone.