Bartolini B-Axis 5 String Jazz AS L/S Size American Standard V 19mm Split Coil Set

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5 String Classic Bass Split Coil Humcancelling American Standard Jazz Bass Pickup Set
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Based on the Original 1970’s Bartolini HI-A design, the J45J L/S is the b-axis series American Standard Jazz Bass® ( J Bass® ) replacement pickup set with a ‘long’ for the bridge and a ‘short’ for the neck. The set is gaining the interest of highly respected by musicians and luthiers alike for its Huge Punchy Tone, Precise Articulation, Rich Harmonics, and Incredible Versatility.

They feature a new fully encapsulated Alnico V exposed pole piece design. The b-axis series” bass pickups with passive designs. They are cast in epoxy to remove unwanted feedback and microphonics.

Please check the physical size of the pickups you want to replace to make sure the replacements fit properly.


    Neck Pickup

  • Length = 3.98"(101mm) Width = 0.76"(19mm)
  • Bridge Pickup

  • Length = 4.13"(105m) Width = 0.76"(19mm)

Intended for 19mm Bridge String Spacing

String Spacing B-Center to G-Center = 69.7mm over Neck Pickup

String Spacing B-Center to G-Center = 74.1mm over Bridge Pickup

Please Note:Bartolini does not provide screws with their pickups. If you need pickup screws, you can get them on the Pickup Screws page.

Click Here for Pickup Screws.


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The Jazz pickups that you've been waiting for!
By Michael Christenson from on 2/11/2017
From the very first note my eyes were opened wide in pleasant surprise at the quality and meat of the tone from these pickups. I've coupled these Bartolini pickups with the DarkGlass ToneCapsule in my 2009 Spector Euro 5JJ bass and the combination makes for a mighty and endless tonal palette. I had EMG active jazz pickups in this bass prior and I felt that I needed more oomph, punch, especially in the mids and get rid of the sizzling highs. These new Bartolini b-Axis V passive pickups deliver all of that! My ear drums feel ear busting pressure while playing low notes on the B string but yet smooth tones. The growl and Bark when playing in the midrange just doesn't let up and you just want to keep playing and playing. Now when I play higher notes on the D and G strings I don't cringe from the sizzling highs but delighted with the solid more tamed high note tones with clarity. It doesn't matter which notes that you're playing there's no muddiness but very definedness with great articulation. Try a set! You'll be very surprised and very pleased that you did!