ACG EQ 01 Preamp

Frankie - Bass Tech Will these ACG EQ 01 Preamp work with your Bass? Ask Frankie, our Bass Tech.

The EQ01 is the newest preamp offering from the team of ACG and John East. It is also filter based like the EQ02, but with a feature that will be instantly recognizable to players or fans of Alembic or Wal basses.

It has dual lowpass filters, one for each pickup independently. The dual lowpass setup has long been recognized as one of the most versatile tone shaping configurations. The idea being that it is possible, via the resonant peak of the lowpass, to 'retune' the resonant frequency of each pickup individually before the summing of the two signals. In this way you can emulate the frequency response of any bass or pickups in existence.

While some may say the circuits ability to perform this trick is debatable... as comparisons of such an 'emulation' against 'real' versions of various basses will no doubt reveal some subtle details being still different. There is no doubt that this is one of the most powerful tone-shaping packages ever offered to the public at a reasonable price.

The EQ01 pre-amp comes in a 4 stacked knob configuration. Volume/blend stack. Lowpass filter stack for the neck pickup connected with flexi to main board. Lowpass filter for the bridge pickup connected with a flexi to main board. Highpass filter which acts globally connected with a flexi to main board. Supplied with wired jack socket. Internal controls. Gain adjustment for each pickup. Treble path selection. A trim pot which allows you to choose which pickup supplies the feed for the high pass filter. Lower ring needs a knob with 8mm internal diameter. Upper ring needs a knob with 6mm internal diameter.

The EQ01 5 knob layout consists of a Stacked Volume/Blend - Stacked Lowpass filter for neck pickup - Stacked Lowpass filter for bridge pickup - Stacked Highpass filter -Passive Tone