Richter JB-VVT Passive Control Plate

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JB Passive Control Plate with Shielding for Jazz Bass™

:: High Quality Dustproof Pots :: Rugged and Shielded :: :: Quick and Easy Mounting :: No Soldering Required ::

The Richter JB PASSIVE control plate is an easy mounting component for passive bass guitars like the Jazz Bass™. It provides two independent volume pots and one tone control pot.

A shielded PCB replace the wiring - therefore no shielding inside the instrument is required.

Two screw terminals for easy and solder free connection of two pickups and three additional screws to fix the control plate are a guarantee for quick mounting on your instrument - ideal for luthiers and replacement. This unit will mounted up to ten times faster than a hand wiring is done.

With the high quality dustproof pots you won't have any problems with cracking noise during lifetime while turning the knob.

The passive tone control is equipped with a film capacitor / COG capacitor which achieves best sound quality because of low losses and high linearity.


  • Ready to use JB PASSIVE control plate for quick and easy mounting.

  • High quality, dust proof pots.

  • Low tolerance film / COG capacitors featuring lowest distortion and superior linearity.

  • Completely shielded- no shielding inside the instrument is required.

  • After manufacture each unit undergoes a throughout test and inspection. This ensures each unit passes strict quality standards. Serial number is carried out for traceability purposes.

  • Includes screws and plastic knobs

  • Technical Data

  • Controls: Two Volume Controls (Neck&Bridge), Passive Tone

  • Weight: 125 g

  • Dimensions: L 155 x B 70 x H40 mm
  • Question: Where Can I Buy a Richter JB-VVT Passive Control Plate?

    Answer: You can buy this from Best Bass Gear by Calling 877-839-3531 or Emailing us at or chatting with our Bass Techs


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    Verified Buyer
    Great control plate!
    By Jordan
    used this on a MJT custom jazz build and it worked flawlessly

    swapping pickups is a breeze with solder-less system ! I had to go from Aguilar hot to Nordstrands and this made it so much easier
    Verified Buyer
    Awesome upgrade for SX Jazz V
    By Tommy Suza
    Helped my 5 year old grandson install this on an SX Jazz V. We had it done in no time. lol Sounds and feels great. Direct fit, no trimming needed anywhere. The only soldering done was the tips of the pickup wires. Really diggin' the blend control, too. A must for JB players.
    Verified Buyer
    Perfect for my Squier Vintage Modified Jazz V
    By Jeff O'Connor
    I really needed a replacement for the stock pots in this Squier VM Jazz V, this was a perfect fit!
    Very solid controls, smooth slope for the volume and tone. Solid input jack.
    Perfect, all done!
    Verified Buyer
    Just what the Dr. ordered!
    By Billy Charles
    Original pots on my 1974 Jazz were getting scratchy. The Richter instantly fixed the problem. So now I can worry about my playing instead of possible equipment malfunction. Note: If you own a vintage guitar, make sure to keep all the original parts in case you have to sell down the road! BC
    Verified Buyer
    Hassle free flexibility
    By Dave A
    Got this to replace the corroded non orig DiMarzio pots and Sprague orange drop in my '68 Jazz.Works great,pots are sealed split shafts with push on smaller than Fender traditional knobs.
    Workmanship on my example was tidy and clean with the exception of 1 binding set screw which I didn't fix.Did exactly what I needed.As mentioned by Bob P the terminal block would be very useful to anyone experimenting with pickups.
    Verified Buyer
    JB Passive Control Plate
    By Bob P
    This was very easy to install on my Jazz bass. No soldering what so ever. There was no loss of tone or volume when replacing the regular jbass analog controls. The knobs are solid and tight, and turn well. This will allow me to easily experiment with other pickups.
    Verified Buyer
    Excellent Upgrade
    By Sidetrack Jones
    Awesome upgrade to stock components. It's as simple to install as changing your strings! Quality components, well designed and great customer service.
    Verified Buyer
    Rick Bass
    By Rick walter
    Your nuts if you don't give it a try. Simple to install, even my wife could do it. Very responsive, great deal. I do recommend a bridge ground though