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Alpha 25k Blend Potentiometer Audio Taper 6mm Split Shaft



Dual 25k Blend/Balance Audio Taper Pot.Use with active pickups
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Dual 25k Blend/Balance Audio Taper Pot, with Center Detent and hardware.

Use with active pickups, EMG...some others

Technical Specifications:

  • Threaded Bushing Diameter:~.272"
  • Threaded Bushing Height:3/8"
  • Shaft Diameter:~.232"


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Verified Buyer
By spblat
Just what I needed. I ran a pair of active EMGs into this, then out from the blend to a volume control and from there to a preamp.
Verified Buyer
25k blend pot
By Matthew Holveck
I have actives and prefer blend/master vol over vol/vol this piece does the trick. just google blend pot wiring diagram click images and you will find all the instructions you need.