Frankie - Bass Tech Will these ACG work with your Bass? Ask Frankie, our Bass Tech.


ACG products are no longer available. If you'd like to speak with a tech about possible alternatives, please give us a call at (877) 839 - 3531

AC Guitars is a small, one-man shop based in Moffat, South West Scotland; I am the one man. In June 2006, with the first commissioned order arriving from Dave McDonald of Toronto, AC Guitars officially came into being.

Prior to that, I was building instruments for about 2 years, mostly out of boredom. Illness had left me unable to do my usual work, but as I recovered, I had time on my hands. I’d played bass and various other instruments for years, and fostered a real interest in recording and all the equipment it brings with it. So, I decided to build a guitar.

I first approached John East while building my first basses. I started out using his J-Retro and BTB01 pre-amps. However, what I really wanted was a filter-based pre-amp, so I asked John repeatedly if he was going to make one.

After some pestering, John admitted he couldn’t see himself of designing a filter pre-amp within the foreseeable future at that time, and one way to get what I was looking for was to commission the design myself. This news lead to the design and production of the ACG EQ01 Dual Filter pre-amp.