Lava Cable

Lava Cable

Lava Cable

Created in 2004 by retired Army Major and semi-professional guitarist of 30 years Mark Stoddard, Lava Cable initially started as a made-to order guitar cable company in his garage with the Canare brand of cable. The initial cable made for himself lead to the production of more cables after discovering the postive impact he heard from his tone.

In January 2006, Mark decided to add 12 more brands of cable to his current line up, which encompasses more than 80% of the world's existing instrument cable manufaturers. Among these cables Mark created his own unique brand of instrument cables and plugs - Lava.

Lava cable offers a wide variety of styles and colors for your instrument cable solution and are built and developed with the mindset to produce innovative cable designs and music accessory products for the Music Industry utilizing U.S manufacturers and the best metals, materials, and plug designs available to provide you with the best solution for your instrument.

Lava Cable have been sold in more than 70 countries, and more than 350 in 30 countries now stock Lava Cable.

Try Lava Cable for your instrument cable needs and let your signal flow!

  1. Lava Cable - Tephra Speaker Cable

    With a thick outer jacket and jumbo G&H speaker plugs, the Tephra is built for the rigors of stage use and to be extremely durable.
    The Tephra speaker cable has been created based on years of customer feedback from several different speaker cable types - combining the best features of these. It is a 8-conductor, 13 AWG, stranded copper speaker cable that significantly enhances guitar...