The Taurus is made for musicians by musicians.

Taurus specializes in manufacturing professional bass technology that is hand crafted in Poland utilizing the latest and most advanced technology. Taurus effects pedals are born from ideas and suggestions of professional musicians. Each product before reaching its final design is tested rigoursly by musicians and specialists to always guarantee the best end result. The team at Taurus is dedicated to every product in their range and handle each detail with care to achieve a top quality result for you the user.

There are two lines to choose from in Taurus Effect Pedals. The Black Line and the Silver Line.

The Silver line is aimed at the demanding user, allowing them to express and create their own unique and inspiring sound. The Silver line incorporates refinded componenets, and cutting edge technological solutions that provide the highest quality in sound.

The Black lined is designed for musicians who prefer effectiveness and ease of use over sophistication. Built with a plug and play approach all Black line pedals combine only the necessities for playing on-stage and in the studio.

Winners of Musikmesse 2009 for best in show & Outstanding New Product line

  1. Taurus Vechoor MK2

    Vechoor MK-2 MultiChorus The Vechoor Mk-2 is a Chorus/Flanger effect designed with two independent analog chorus circuits. Both circuits work simultaneously and create a unique sound spectrum. Each of them is using a different...
  2. Taurus Tux MK2

    Tux MK-2 Compressor The Tux compressor-limiter is specially engineered for dynamic sound modification. It uses a passive, sound transparent optical system designed not to alter the original sound and making it virtually noiseless. Tux...
  3. Taurus Dexter MK2

    Dexter MK-2 Polyphonic Octaver The Dexter is a polyphonic Octaver which allows transposing an original note of one octave up and down. Both octaves can be used separately, mixed together as well as mixed with the original notes. The...
  4. Taurus Abigar MK2

    Abigar MK-2 Multi-Drive The Abigar MK-2 is an extremely versatile bass guitar Drive from the latest Taurus effects line. The most significant feature of the Abigar imperative for the sound of instruments, is it's dynamic "Drive"...
  5. Taurus Zebu MK2

    Zebu MK-2 Reverb-Delay The Zebu is a fusion of Delay and Reverb stereo digital effects powered by high quality 24bit Digital Signal Processor. The ZEBU design allows the use of both effects simultaneously and mix them with the...