Alpha 25k Volume Potentiometer Audio Taper 6mm Split Shaft



Use with active pickups, EMG...some others
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25k Audio Taper Potentiometer, Split Knurled Shaft, with Nut and Washer

This pot can be used for:

  • Volume with active pickups like EMG's and others
  • Tone control with active pickups like EMG's and others


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Verified Buyer
Player/Restorer/Builder of Blue Dog Custom Basses
By David Glass from on 12/22/2013
I needed this to go with some EMG active price going. It will likely end up installed in a jazz bass I rewired and had George Furlanetto convert to fretless. With la Bellas black tapewounds, it plays smooth as melted butter on teflon.
Verified Buyer
25k pot
By Matthew Holveck from on 12/22/2013
If you love the tone of EMG's but hate the solderless system get a couple of these with your order and do it yourself its not at all hard.