Bartolini '2J Squared' Pickups



Bartolini 2J Squared Pickups
$139.00 - $336.00
$139.00 - $336.00

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2J Squared Series Soapbars

They are 2 J Bass Pickups in a soapbar shape. While we started making these decades ago, we are releasing them in all of our Bass Soapbar shapes. Ideal for the most flexible bass, they can be split to individual Dual Inline Coil Jazz pickups to be fully hum-killing even on the noisiest stage or studio. With all coils enabled, the tone is truly enormous with huge lows and extended range for intense articulation.

Our new H6 2J Squared Soapbar shape is a drop in upgrade for the Ibanez BH1 and MK2 pickups. This size is available in 5 & 6 string configurations.

H6 – H652J, H662J “ 5 & 6 String” size

Question: Where Can I Buy a Bartolini '2J Squared' Pickup?

Answer: You can buy this from Best Bass Gear by Calling 877-839-3531 or Emailing us at or chatting with our Bass Techs


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Verified Buyer
Good quality Pickup Killer P tone!
By David
So...... I purchased these in an attempt to modify a James Tyler 5 String to have a more definitive J bass tone. The original Pickups were Bartolini quads and they were wired in series all the time. I began a quest a while ago to make this have more of a J bass tone and this has been a difficult task given my starting point.

The 452J squared pickups did not sound how I expected them to. I wired them on-off-on which gave me 3 different sounds. Outside single coils-inside single coils-dual coils in series, all positions humbucking. When tapped for series, the sound was huge and high output like expected. When tapped to the inner or outer single coils, they didn't have a real convincing J bass tone. It took a lot of fiddling with the Eq to get it close. A lot of fiddling....
My original goal of getting a great J bass tone was not really met. (tone is completely subjective). My end goal was to create a Marcus Miller J tone with a more output and bite. I couldn't get that....
However, after spending hours and hours learning the pickups, I found one of the most pleasing P bass tones I have ever heard. When I run the pickups in the inner or outer positions, give it some 400HZ eq boost and pan the pickup all the way to the neck, BAM! Insane tone for days. It sounds so close to a true P Bass but with more output and amazing clarity. When I push the pickups, they have this great "breakup" sound, real organic and so pleasing. When I solo the bridge, it sounds good but not real close to a real J bass sound. It's bigger and warmer, with less hi's. Overall I am satisfied even though I didn't achieve my goal as close to as I would like.
I wanted to create a souped up J bass and I created a Amazing Killer souped up P Bass. So I think it's still a win. Bartolini has some great customer service, (shout out to Doug Somerville!!!) as well as Best bass gear. Great people to work with.
It did take a very long time to get these pickups as the lead time is long due to the nature of the pickup, they are handmade. Cannot go wrong with Bartolini's quality as well. Really in order to truly know how they are going to sound, they need to be installed into your instrument.
Verified Buyer
these pickups make my ibanez btb 776 sound great i can hear the wood
By Jerry Big Bass
the bass is deep the midrange has a great growl the highs are bright very jazz like