Bartolini 4 String Jazz Bass Pickups

Frankie - Bass Tech Will these Bartolini 4 String Jazz Bass Pickups work with your Bass? Ask Frankie, our Bass Tech.

Bartolini 4 String Jazz Bass Pickups offer many different tonal characteristics to provide you with a pickup that suits your needs. Whether you are looking for a single coil, or humcancelling split coil pickup Bartolini has you covered. The modern design features an epoxy cast non-removable cover to prevent unwanted microphonics and feedback, and the blade rail design provides generous sensing area for multiple compatible bridge spacings and an overall even response and balance. Different sizing's are available for anything from a standard Long (Bridge) Short (Neck),Long(Bridge) Long(Neck), and even a Short(Bridge) Short(Neck) sizing for MIM Fender Jazz basses.Well respected by such top builders as Michael Tobias, Roscoe, Pedulla and many other high end builders.

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  1. Bartolini 'Original Bass' Dual In-Line Humcancelling Pickups

    $79.00 - $184.00
    *Jazz Bass Sets and Singles for 4, 5 and 6 String Basses*
    These pickups are split coil hum-cancelling designs - think of them as a "P-Bass pair in box". These are wound to yield more "growl" from the Bridge pickup. They are very similar to Bartolini’s old 94J pickups, just ever so...
  2. Bartolini CBJS-3 'Classic Bass' Bright Tone True Single Coil

    $72.00 - $144.00
    *Jazz Bass Sets and Singles for 4 String Basses*
    The CBJS-3 pickup is the Jazz Bass® ( J Bass® ) replacement pickup set . The set is highly respected by musicians and luthiers alike for its deep tone, strong lows, low mids tone. They feature a low noise single coil design. The "Classic...
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