Bartolini TQB/918 Quad Input Buffer

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Bartolini Quad-Input Buffer

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The manufacturer no longer makes this product. Where applicable the newer version of the product or something comparable is shown below.


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TQB - Quad-Buffer

The four seperate buffers in the TQB Quad Buffer can reduce electronic noise levels in instruments with passive pickups and some of our onboard preamps. Each buffer in the TQB is a low noise amplifier with a gain of 1, an input impedance of 270 K-ohms and an output impedance of less than 10 K-ohms. This low output impedance allows the TQB to drive 25K-ohm Volume or Blend controls very easily.

This configuration was used in many instruments by Michael Tobias in the mid to late 80's:

The inputs were:

  1. Input 1: neck coil of neck pickup
  2. Input 2: bridge coil of neck pickup
  3. Input 3: neck coil of bridge pickup
  4. Input 4: bridge coil of bridge pickup

The tone quality was similar to that of coils in parallel but with higher definition and lower noise.

Question: Where Can I Buy a Bartolini TQB/918 Quad Input Buffer?

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