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The TC3 is a discrete preamplifier/booster with preset minimum gain of 12dB - can be boosted up to 40dB - for low to medium output pickups - 9 volt only.


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The TC3 discrete preamplifier/booster with preset minimum gain of 12dB - can be boosted up to 40dB - for low to medium output pickups - 9 volt only.

The TC3 can be wired in a way that boosts the signal up 12dB without altering the signal. It also can be wired so that different parts of the spectrum are boosted using a potentiometer and it will boost up to 40dB.

A good application of this unit would be to use with a traditional passive bass that has lower output.

Example on wiring diagram for a passive bass that has lower output level can be found here

Question: Where Can I Buy a Bartolini TC3 Preamp?

Answer: You can buy this from Best Bass Gear by Calling 877-839-3531 or Emailing us at or chatting with our Bass Techs


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Verified Buyer
Great little upgrade.
By Tony
This is a great upgrade for a passive bass with multiple applications. I wired one of these up between the tone control and output jack in a passive warwick corvette standard in "unboosted" mode. That specific location isn't covered by the available diagrams I've found, but thanks to some forum research installation was very easy. Basically it just raised the passive output level equal to my active basses without distortion or coloration, but there's way more you can do with this little box.
Verified Buyer
TC3 Preamp review
By James Tonguet
This little Gem is a must. Elegant , effective , easy install . With the cap/resistor setup it provides a perfect boost to the bridge J pickup in my latest 5 string P/J.
Verified Buyer
Bartolini TC3
By David Walmsley
Great price. Fast shipping
Verified Buyer
Bartolini TC3
By Philippe Roman
Very transparent and powerful booster at affordable price. Power consumption is low and batteries last long. I love this product.
Verified Buyer
Bartolini TC3
By Steve
Performs as advertised. If you want an active option and do not need onboard tone controls this is the perfect solution. Good price, no noise and half the size of a 9V battery. I use it to boost a relatively low output humbucker especially when using it in parallel mode which has even lower output.
Verified Buyer
By Peter Wejuli
I bought this preamp specifically because I had removed the noisy preamp that came with my bass, an Ibanez SR305ipt. Trouble is the pickups were low output and I needed something to boost the signal without removing the new "passive" quality of my bass. The TC3 did that perfectly. Wire it up with a push-pull pot to select it at will and you are good to go. Now my bass has the output of a Fender bass with single-coil pickups, but without the noise!