Concentric Stacked Black Aluminum Knob

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These knobs fit on Bartolini and Aguilar preamps that have stacked (concetric) pots. Matches other Aluminum knobs.

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Concentric Stacked Black Aluminum Knob

These knobs fit on Bartolini and Aguilar preamps that have stacked (concetric) pots. Fits pots that have a lower shaft or 8mm and upper shaft of 6mm. Secures with set screw.Lower knob is 5/8"(15.9mm) wide 1/2"(12.7mm) tall, upper knob is 5/8"(15.9mm), approx. 3/4"(19.0mm).

Question: Where Can I Buy a Concentric Stacked Black Aluminum Knob?

Answer: You can buy this from Best Bass Gear by Calling 877-839-3531 or Emailing us at or chatting with our Bass Techs


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Verified Buyer
Sire V9
The best knobs I could find anywhere for my Sire V9 bass.
Verified Buyer
Great look, feel and function
By Vic
Well-made, Sharp-looking, fully functional concentric knobs with the crucial very visible indicator line. Used for an Audere preamp install in a Lakland 55-94 fretless. They match the quality of the instrument better than the originals, improving the overall aesthetic. These are the only stacked knobs with an indicator I've found that will fit the Audere pots. The inner pot shafts are a bit longer than the cosmetic optimum for these knobs; may get the brass shafts milled to a shorter length at some point. Expensive for just a knob, but worth it for sure.
Verified Buyer
Nice Style!
By Sam
I love em!
They dress up my Mike Lull M4V nicely!
Verified Buyer
Concentric Black Aluminum Knob
By Rafael
Very good product and very good service from bestbassgear AAA+.

I have put the Knobs in a Yamaha guitar.
Verified Buyer
Goes to 11
By Hilliard Scott
I used these knobs a custom bass with a Nordstrand 3B-4a preamp. They fit perfectly and are of the highest quality.
Verified Buyer
Concentric Black Aluminum Knob
By Bassilisk
I put these on an EMG preamp installed in a Steinberger XM-2. They are very well made and look very sharp. My tech did not indicate fit was an issue for this application. Classy - I like them.
Verified Buyer
Concentric Black Aluminum Knob---Sadowsky
By lam penny
the product is good in share and the service of shipping is quite fast.thankyou for the help
Verified Buyer
Check size first
By Bass4worship
These are very nice knobs when they fit. This is not your standed size so check before you buy. I needed a 6mm and got a 4mm.