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Dimarzio Will Power Pickups

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Dimarzio Will Power™ available in both Middle and Neck positions.

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Billy Sheehan has used the original DiMarzio Model P® and Model One™ bass pickups for many years. Because of the demands Billy puts on his system, we made several modifications to existing models in order to deliver even more of what he wanted. These are the exact pickups Billy uses in his signature Yamaha® basses.

The differences between the Will Power™ and the Model P® are subtle. High notes are a little fatter. The midrange is a little more intense, making the overall attack more intense (not that the Model P® has ever been accused of being too polite). Lows are about the same as the Model P®, but again, a little more intense.

Will Power™ Middle


The Will Power™ middle pickup is a P-style pickup with tremendous punch and mid-range power. The overall sound is similar to the DiMarzio Model P®, but a broader magnetic field lends more impact to individual notes and harmonic overtones. Both pickups are humbucking with 4-conductor wiring.

Recommended for Middle Position.


  • Wiring: 4 Conductor
  • Magnet: Ceramic
  • Output mV: 175
  • DC Resistance: 11.45 Kohm

Will Power™ Neck


The Will Power™ Neck Model is very deep-sounding with great low-end definition. Its dimensions are the same as the Model One™, but it’s a little louder and fatter-sounding, and pole piece spacing is slightly wider for better string alignment with long-scale basses.

Warm, full tone, no mud. For maximum high-end response, try 500K controls. For even brighter and cleaner sound, try switching the coils from series to parallel: the volume drops a bit, but the midrange really opens up and acquires a more acoustic quality.

Neck position, medium string spacing.


  • Wiring: 4 Conductor
  • Magnet: Ceramic
  • Output mV: 200
  • DC Resistance: 12.21 Kohm


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You want the biggest, meanest P bass you can imagine? This is how to get it.
By Nathan
So long story short, I've had the opportunity to play pickups from almost every major company imaginable. Duncan, Nordstrand, etc but this pickup wins hands down. It's big, loud, and got that vicious low midrange that really hammers in a mix. The best part is that it's very musical. Most p bass pickups I have to roll the tone off quite a bit with roundwounds. This one on the other hand fits just right. With some LaBella rx strings in a Squier classic vibe through an Ashdown it's home. The Ashdown has a nice mid scoop in its preset eq that pushes the low end really well. This pickup makes up for that mid scoop and brings a grind to it that is quite mean. Digging in with fingers on the Squier gives me a tone that is comparable to Justin Chancellor of Tool but more lows and low mids to fill out that mix. But lighten up the touch and you're rewarded with a huge warm sound that is very comparable to having flatwounds on it. Rolling the tone off really accentuates this sound. I previously had an EMG Geezer Butler pickup in this bass. But after it having a little too much clank and not enough meat on it even with flats I decided to get this pickup. That and playing an early Spector NS1 with a model p piqued my interest in Dimarzio. The best part is the price. Holy shit is this thing cheap! The only other pickup comparable is the quarter pounder that in my opinion is kinda scooped and doesn't have the balls. The will power has a ton of output as well. So if you run it through an SVT you'll be rewarded with more distortion sooner if that's what you want. It's practically an EMG active without the clank on the top end. Hopefully this will help you out. It's definitely worth the price tag and if you don't like it I'll buy it from you. From one bass player to another I hope you find your sound because with this pickup I found mine.